This Is What Our Debt Review Will Do For You

  • We will consolidate and also restructure all your debt into one affordable monthly instalment.
  • Make sure that you pay only what you can afford.
  • Enable you to have enough money left for living expenses.
  • Negotiate a lower interest rate on you debts, sometimes up to 0%.
  • We will legally protect you against your credit providers.
  • As a result, your assets will be protected from repossession.
  • We will help you, no matter where in South Africa you are.
  • Regardless of who you are, we will treat you like a person, not a number on a file.

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Why Choose Us For Debt Review?

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With years of experience in the Debt Review industry, you will be welcomed to a company with the experience needed to do debt review the way it is supposed to be done. Our strong legal team and Debt Counsellors will always be available to protect our clients’ interests. At the same time we will make sure that credit providers abide by the debt counselling guidelines. We believe that every single one of our clients should be treated like we would like to be treated and therefore only employ staff who has a passion for debt review and debt counselling. Because of this our clients usually have a great experience altogether.

An Actual Debt Review Case Study

Below you will see the results of actual Debt Review negotiations. The consolidated monthly payment amount was worked out according to what the client could afford and consequently negotiated with creditors. As a result Debt Counselling and debt review assisted this client to keep his asset and freed up enough money to be able to pay for normal living expenses.

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With debt review we have reduced this client’s monthly installment by R 4734.18, that’s more than 50% less than what he originally paid. We also lowered most interest rates to almost 0%. The vehicle is completely protected from credit providers. The Debt Counsellors made sure that the restructured amount is indeed what our client can afford. Most Noteworthy, the above is NOT just to demonstrate, this is what we have done for a specific client and as a result changed his life. In conclusion, think of what we might be able to do for you. Sign up today and Let US Free You!

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